"Invisible" Skin Layer Reveals Clues for Younger-Looking Skin

By Jess Ann / May 30, 2020

You’ve heard it a million times — true beauty runs skin deep.

But I’m here to tell you otherwise.

You see, the secret to lasting, youthful beauty is actually found on the skin’s surface

And those who know about it often look 5, 10, in some cases even 15 years younger.

The women in the photos below know the secret — and they didn’t have any invasive procedures or injectables done.

And today, I'm revealing this secret...

So you too can see a dramatic reduction in the look of wrinkles, thinning skin, uneven skin tone, and loss of firmness…

Start feeling more confident than you have in years!

So, are you ready to get started?

If you’ve picked up a health, wellness, or dieting book in the past decade…

Or, you’ve watched the news, talk shows, and even commercials…

You’ve probably heard about the gut microbiome — and for good reason.

The gut microbiome is made from trillions of bacterial organisms that influence almost every aspect of your health.

They help regulate digestion, boost your immune system, and have even been shown to influence your mood.

And if you think that’s impressive, wait ‘till you see what these little guys can do for your SKIN.

Recent research has shown that in addition to the trillions of bacterial organisms in your gut…

There are also over 1,000 different types1 of bacteria living on your skin in what’s called:

The Microbiome Layer

And this invisible layer of bacteria is responsible for how your skin LOOKS & FEELS.

These bacteria live on the very outer layer of your skin called the epidermis.

You can’t see them with the naked eye, but they’re there.

"Thousands of different bacteria live in what's called the microbiome layer, an "invisible" skin layer above the epidermis."

Now, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard that bacteria is bad — it causes acne, redness, irritation, and is generally unhealthy.

And for decades, skincare companies have been telling us to get rid of bacteria. That’s why there are thousands of “antibacterial” skincare products today.

But it's important to note not all bacteria is bad.

You see, scientists have recently been taking a closer look at the "good" bacteria that also lives on your skin…

And they've found that this type of bacteria protects both the epidermis and the skin layer below it, called the dermis, from dangerous environmental hazards, toxins, chemicals, and other foreign bacteria.

This is important, because the epidermis and dermis are where the skin's "rejuvenation functions" happen. It's where:

But if these basic functions are compromised — if there's a "cog" in the machine…

Signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone become more prominent.

And it won't matter how many creams, serums, and treatments you try…

Your skin won't look younger unless you fix the microbiome layer first.

But here's what scientists only recently discovered, and most people still don't know:

As you get older, the number of good bacteria, the "gatekeepers," in your microbiome shrinks. This is especially true if you're over 50, and here's why…

Remember how I said there's both good and bad bacteria in your microbiome layer?

Well, when you're younger, the balance between good and bad bacteria is maintained. But as you get older, this balance gets thrown out of whack…

The main reason for this is because your skin makes less sebum.

Sebum is a mixture of natural oils and dead skin cells — and it's what good bacteria eat.

Doing so helps 'unclog' the skin's top layer — so it stays radiant, smooth, and youthful…2

But when your body starts making less sebum, good bacteria have less to eat.

Not only does this make your skin look more dull and rough…

But it actually starves out3 good bacteria to the point where BAD bacteria take over and your skin becomes less resistant to foreign bacteria.

And this is where the trouble starts.

You see, scientists have found that bad bacteria don't just stay in the microbiome layer…

They secrete toxic enzymes that break down the skin's lower layers.4

That's a problem because one layer in particular, called the skin barrier, keeps MOISTURE in the skin.

And when there are HOLES in the skin barrier, moisture evaporates faster.

Without enough moisture, the skin shrivels up like a raisin.

And that makes it look and feel more wrinkled than if it were properly hydrated.

But a healthy skin barrier doesn't only keep moisture from escaping…

It also protects the skin layers beneath from harmful UV rays that can destroy skin cell DNA5

And weaken collagen and elastin molecules — two proteins responsible for keeping skin firm and supple.

And it doesn't stop at the skin barrier…

Other studies have shown that bad bacteria can even penetrate as deep as the dermis — a skin layer several layers below the skin barrier…

And one previously thought to be impermeable.6

So, you can clearly see how without enough gatekeepers to defend your epidermal and dermal layers from all those environmental hazards…

Your skin's internal "rejuvenation functions" can't run smoothly…

And functions like making new cells, building collagen & elastin fibers, and keeping vital moisture inside get slowed down.

But there is good news.

If you've been struggling with wrinkles, sagging, or discoloration — and nothing you've tried seems to work…

Fixing your microbiome layer CAN dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin — so you could start seeing smoother, firmer, brighter-looking skin in no time…

And the best part is — it's not hard to get these results.

In fact, you could get them without ever leaving your home.

How to FIX your skin's microbiome layer and regain a smooth, firm, youthful appearance

There are two ways to fix your microbiome layer.

The first is by feeding existing good bacteria in your microbiome layer with prebiotics.

This helps them get STRONGER — so they can outnumber the bad guys.

The second is by introducing MORE good bacteria to the microbiome layer in the form of probiotics to reinforce the existing good guys.

Once you do this, the good bacteria in your microbiome layer can get to work again — like they did when you were younger.

One way they'll start working is by boosting the skin's production of ceramides.7 Ceramides make a 'seal' on the top layer of the epidermis so it can keep moisture IN and hazards OUT.

And in a recent article published in Experimental Dermatology, probiotics were even found to aid in protecting the skin against sun damage.8

Industry-leading dermatologist Whitney Bowe agrees, saying "probiotics can protect the skin against collagen-wrecking UV rays."9

Other studies have also shown that probiotics may slow aging of the skin by balancing the number of free radicals (unstable molecules that damage skin cell DNA).10

And here’s what Dr. Roshini Raj, a board-certified gastroenterologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU, had to say about the use of probiotics for anti-aging benefits:

... When applied topically, probiotics secrete anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances. By calming inflammation, probiotics are also effective in targeting wrinkles and preventing premature aging.

As you can see, prebiotics and probiotics have been shown to protect skin from excessive aging.

But, here's the catch.

Although prebiotics and probiotics are GREAT for the skin…

Most skincare products are NOT designed with microbiome health in mind.

In fact, most anti-aging skincare products don't have the optimal pH levels to support good bacteria.

Take the "acid peel" for example.

Known for decades as one of the best ways to "renew" the skin…

It has a pH level of about 3.5.

Good bacteria thrive in a more neutral environment — a pH of about 5.5 — so anything under or over that pH wipes them out.

Now, that's an extreme example, after all, you're not doing acid peels daily…

But you'd be surprised to learn how many ordinary skincare products are either too acidic or too alkaline.

Like most cleansing products, which have an alkaline pH of about 8 or 9...

And as you now know, good bacteria can't survive in such an alkaline environment…

But bad bacteria thrive in it.

And you'd be even more surprised to learn that as you get older, your skin actually turns more alkaline.

Which means it becomes increasingly important to use skincare products made with microbiome health in mind.

Unfortunately, the few products I've come across that support microbiome health are usually meant for acne…

Or, they're designed for people who don't have serious signs of aging.

Because frankly, microbiome health is still a really new idea in the skincare world…

And most "anti-aging" ingredients that work, are actually HORRIBLE for the microbiome.

That's why you probably haven't seen the results you wanted with the products you've been using…

They're missing the KEY element scientists now know is CRUCIAL for making skin look fresher, smoother, and firmer.

And that's why after analysing hundreds of otherwise effective skincare ingredients, I found only a handful that promise skin-rejuvenating results AND support microbiome health.

3 Skincare Ingredients Shown to Support the Microbiome Layer & Make the Skin Look Younger

Probiotic Concentrate is a unique skin-renewing ingredient from one of the top bioengineering labs in the country.

This first ingredient is called Probiotic Concentrate, and it works by signaling your skin to make new cells — so that skin becomes stronger and denser

Like the skin of a twenty-year-old!

Now, when you're young, your skin renews about every 30 days.

During this time, new skin cells travel up from the skin's base layer to the skin's surface.

But as you age, the skin's base layer stops making as many new cells…

And cell turnover on the skin's surface can take twice as long — up to 60 days.

Without enough new PLUMP skin cells to replace old skin cells, the skin's surface layer becomes thinner, fragile, and more wrinkled.

So, if you want your skin to regain a firmer, denser, and smoother look… you'd need to jumpstart new skin cell production in the skin's base layer again.

Now, this is where Probiotic Concentrate comes in.

You see, when deciding how well a skin-renewing ingredient works, scientists usually compare it to what's called "Epidermal Growth Factor" or EGF.

EGF is a protein naturally found in your body that's responsible for making new skin.

When you’re young, you have plenty of this protein. But as you age, EGF levels decline.

That's why you'll find lab-made EFG in a lot of high-end skincare formulas — it works really well to rejuvenate the skin.

And the crazy thing is, Probiotic Concentrate actually works 50% better than Epidermal Growth Factor!11

This means Probiotic Concentrate can dramatically transform anyone's skin to look and feel denser, plumper, and younger — FAST.

But beyond that, Probiotic Concentrate is made from probiotics and prebiotics — so it FULLY supports microbiome layer health while producing such astounding skin-renewing results!

These probiotics are called "saprophytic flora" — and they include the l.casei and l.acidophilus bacterial strains

As well as a prebiotics made of gluco-oligosaccharides and fructo-oligosaccharides — natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

Now, if you were to use Probiotic Concentrate on its own, you could easily revitalize aging skin to look years, if not decades younger…

But remember these photos?

The women in these photos used ALL THREE of the skincare ingredients I'm sharing with you today… and that's why their skin looks impressively younger.

So, let's get into the second ingredient…

It's called Orobanche Rapum Extract.

And just like Probiotic Concentrate, Orobanche Rapum Extract is also made with prebiotics and probiotics…

And it targets the skin's base layer — the part of the skin that makes all new cells.

Orobanche Rapum Extract jumpstarts the production of skin STEM cells, the cells that make ALL new skin cells.

Because of this, it has an amazing capacity to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

In fact, when tested in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Orobanche Rapum Extract was shown to reduce the number of wrinkles by 30% after only 14 days… 12

And decrease wrinkle depth by 24% in the same amount of time.13

Imagine what your skin could look like if 30% of your wrinkles disappeared!

Plus, Orobanche Rapum Extract helps support microbiome health in a really impressive way — by decreasing the number of bad bacteria by as much as 58%.14

But it doesn't stop there.

This truly amazing ingredient also makes your skin look plumper, smoother, and bouncier — by boosting its hydration levels by 36%.15 If combined, Probiotic Concentrate and Orobanche Rapum Extract can "reset" anyone's skin to look dramatically younger in an incredibly short period of time. But I promised you one more ingredient to keep an eye out for…

It's called Kombucha Ferment, and if you think it sounds familiar…

Kombucha Ferment stimulates collagen-building fibroblasts by 136%!

That's because it's made with the same probiotic and prebiotic cultures found in the popular fizzy drink, kombucha.

So yes, it works to maintain your microbiome in tip-top shape…

But it goes so much beyond that — by reducing a skin-aging process called glycation.

Glycation happens when glucose and fructose molecules attach themselves to collagen structures in the skin.

And although these tiny sugar molecules might sound harmless…

When they attach themselves to collagen structures, those structures collapse.16

And because collagen is what gives your skin its firm, springy appearance…

Skin starts looking thinner, looser, and more wrinkled when collagen structures get destroyed.

That's why reducing glycation is key to making your skin look younger again.

Glucose molecules attaching themselves to collagen.

But because glucose and fructose are in almost everything we eat — including fruits,

vegetables, and grains — glycation is really hard to avoid. But Kombucha Ferment has been shown to improve anti-glycation activity in the skin by 79%.17

This helps strengthen existing collagen molecules — so skin looks younger, longer.

Not only that, but Kombucha Ferment also stimulates fibroblasts — the cells that make NEW collagen — by 136%.18

So skin isn't only protected from glycation, but it actively fights back.

Plus, Kombucha Ferment has been shown to improve rosy tones in the skin by up to 20%, while decreasing sallow, yellow tones by as much as 23%.19

In other words, it gives you that healthy, rosy glow so common in youthful skin.

These three ingredients are impressive on their own, but their powers are AMPLIFIED when they're combined together.

But you can't just go to Sephora or ULTA and pick them up…

Even I had a hard time tracking down these ingredients — and I have relationships with some of the best bioengineering labs in the country.

So when I was finally able to get some last year…

I started testing Probiotic Concentrate, Orobanche Rapum Extract, and Kombucha Ferment in a classified skin-renewing formula completely different from anything on the market.

Plus, I took it a step further…

And added unique extracts from the root of a South American daisy and a hydrating seaweed species to lock in even more moisture for plump, supple, and bouncy skin…

And a resveratrol ferment extract — as well as an extract from the Evodia berry (traditionally used in Eastern medicine) — to promote skin elasticity and reduce inflammation.

In order—from left to right—seaweed extract, South American daisy, and resveratrol fermant extract.

After tweaking the composition and running countless lab tests…

We were finally ready for the ultimate test — on real people, with real skin concerns.

So I gathered a group of volunteers ages 55-80 and asked them to only use this new formula. I wanted them to report how it transformed their skin entirely on its own - with no other skincare products in the mix.

And what came next really excited me…

After trying the formula for only 1 week

96% said their wrinkles & fine lines looked reduced

96% said their skin tone appeared more even

92% said their skin felt more taut (firmer)

92% said their skin looked younger

Here's what Suzzane, age 55, had to say:

I feel this product has noticeably improved every one of my aging skin issues. My skin looks and feels lifted and an even healthy glow within only one week. Helped with bags under my eyes and fine wrinkles. I'm excited to see more results over the next coming weeks. Love it so far!

*Results may vary

But the longer the volunteers used this formula, the better their skin became.

After trying the formula for one month, ​96% ​of participants said their skin looked younger — that’s almost every person in this trial.

Here’s what Susan, age 70, said about her experience:

My skin has aged considerably in the last five years and [this formula] has given me those years back. My skin improvement is immediately apparent.

*Results may vary

These initial testimonials were just the tip of the iceberg...

Since launching, this formula has helped thousands of users achieve the skin of their dreams.

And now, it can do the same for you.

Remember those incredible photos I showed you earlier?

Those results were from using THIS formula.

And now, YOU too can experience the solution that made it all possible.

Microbiome Night Mask

Microbiome Night Mask combines the ​microbiome-balancing​ benefits of ​prebiotics​ and probiotics w​ith ​skin-renewing ingredients​ to:

Plus, unlike traditional masks that you wash off after 15-20 minutes…

Microbiome Night Mask is designed to be left on overnight as a 'sleeping mask' — and it works with your skin's natural nighttime repair cycle for intensified skin-renewing results.

Because of this intensified delivery method, most people see incredible results — smoother, tighter, and more radiant skin — after using the mask only 2-3 times.

But don't worry — it won't transfer on your pillow.

In fact, it melts into your skin a matter of minutes, like a cream moisturizer would…

But unlike a moisturizer that quickly evaporates…

Microbiome Night Mask uses a unique technology to form a protective 'seal' on your skin while you sleep.

This seal helps lock in moisture, balance the skin's outermost microbiome layer, and "push" skin-renewing ingredients deep into your skin.

And more importantly, Microbiome Night Mask can be used entirely on its own… Or layered as the last step in your skincare routine.

If you've never tried a 'sleeping mask' before, you're going to LOVE your results.

Just take a look at the improvements after 1 week of use.

Notice how the wrinkles on her outer eyelid have smoothed out significantly, and the red patch on the upper cheek has shrunk.

And the longer you use Microbiome Night Mask, the better your results...

Take a look at how this user’s chin wrinkles disappeared ​after only 4 weeks.

Her chin is almost entirely smooth after only a few weeks — the transformation is like night and day.

So, if your skin doesn’t look as beautiful as it used to...

Or if you look in the mirror and only see “problems that need fixing” instead of a reflection you love...

I created this formula for YOU.

Take a look at what Julie, age 58, had to say about her transformation:

“I feel I am doing something significant for the health of my skin. People have been telling me that my skin is glowing, so I'm sure it is due to Microbiome Night Mask. I am noticing a significant decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and I no longer feel as though my skin is drying up! The coloration is also beginning to look more even!”

*Results may vary

It doesn’t matter how deep your wrinkles are…

How “far gone” you think your skin is…

Or how many other products you’ve tried…

There’s never been anything like this formula to reduce the look of wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven tone, and loss of firmness.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, it might be THE ONE thing you’ve been waiting for.

But while almost everyone can benefit from using Microbiome Night Mask, some people might not find it totally suitable.

If your skin is already smooth, firm, hydrated, even-toned, blemish-free, and radiant — the changes you’ll see from using Microbiome Night Mask will be very minimal.

Maybe you were born with amazing genes, eat a super clean diet, and live in the peaceful countryside where you’re not exposed to pollution…

In that case, you might not need Microbiome Night Mask.

But if you’re like most of us — and you have one or more skin issues you want to fix — this restorative formula was made for you.

Now, because microbiome-balancing technology is still fairly new, it might be awhile before you see it on the mass market.

But I predict every major skincare brand will come out with a microbiome-balancing product within the next year.

In fact, some smaller brands already have.

But unlike Microbiome Night Mask, which is loaded with different probiotic strains and proven skin-renewing ingredients, these few other formulas fall short.

For example, one “bacteria-minimizing” sheet mask from a celebrity dermatologist’s brand — I can’t say who — costs $160.

Yep, that’s the price for a one time use! And it’s mainly designed as an acne treatment, nothing more.

And while that may be too high for a one-time use product, daily-use products aren’t priced any better.

A skincare line from Napa Valley charges $255 for its fermented “treatment essence”…

And while the results are a little better than the $160 mask…

These products do not signal your skin to make thicker, plumper, smoother skin like Microbiome Night Mask does.

So, if I priced Microbiome Night Mask at $200, it would be a steal compared to other probiotic-inspired products…

And honestly, my competitors would prefer for me to price it even higher because it would keep the perceived value of their products up there…

But I want everyone to feel beautiful in their skin…

And I don’t agree in marking up prices just because something is new and “exclusive.”

Which is why you won’t pay $200, or even $100 to try Microbiome Night Mask.

Unlike other brands that rely on expensive marketing and retail locations to sell their products, City Beauty products come directly to you.

This allows me to cut out unnecessary markups and offer you huge savings.

That’s why Microbiome Night Mask is sold on my website for just $65 per jar.

And thousands of people consider that to be a fair price for getting years, if not decades, off their appearance.

But because you’re still with me at this point, I know you’re serious about improving your skin…

So today only, you won’t pay $65.

As a thank you for sticking with me up to this point…

I’m giving you an exclusive discount on Microbiome Night Mask: only $45.

That’s 30% off the regular retail price.

But it gets even better.

I’m confident that once you try Microbiome Night Mask and see your results, you’ll want to experience smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin every morning…

And not just on your face, but on your neck, chest, and arms too.

So, to help make that a reality, you can now get even deeper discounts on multi-jar order options: as low as $29/jar.


MicroBiome Night Mask

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So, please, don’t miss the best chance to unlock your skin’s true “look-younger” potential.


When you order today, you’ll be protected by our iron-clad 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

When you order today, you’ll be protected by our iron-clad 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee…

Meaning you can try Microbiome Night Mask at home for two full months completely risk-free.

And if Microbiome Night Mask doesn’t make you excited to look in the mirror…

If it doesn’t make you want to tell your friends about the amazing results you’ve been seeing…

Heck, if it doesn't make you want to show off your new look on Facebook...

In other words — if it doesn’t completely change your life for the better — simply contact our dedicated customer service team for a no-questions asked refund.

Think of it like trying this skin-transforming formula for free.

Yes, technically this means we risk LOSING money — but your complete satisfaction is my priority, and I never want you to pay for something you don’t love.

So, click the button below to give it a try. You’ll be taken to our secure order page, where you’ll be able to choose the order option right for you.

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Now, just for a moment, imagine waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, and catching a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror…

But instead of the reflection you’re used to seeing…

A much younger, happier, healthier-looking version of yourself is looking back at you.

You come closer, in awe of your perfect skin: smooth, radiant, and firm.

And for the first time in a long time… you feel like your real self again.

You step outside with a renewed confidence, and everyone — your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and loved ones — notice a positive change in your appearance and your mood.

Thanks to Microbiome Night Mask, this dream can be a reality, and FAST!

You can control the aging process. You just need the right tool.

So order now to get started, and prepare for the transformation of a lifetime.


Now, if you’re still here, you probably have some more questions about how Microbiome Night Mask makes your skin look dramatically younger in such a short amount of time.

I’ll answer those in just a moment, but first, I’d like to share a few more first-hand experiences from our user group participants.

These were women just like you — some of whom were skeptical — but soon realized how easy it was to get the skin they’ve always wanted with Microbiome Night Mask.

Like Geeta, age 59, who says:

I feel my skin is younger looking, smooth, and hydrated. And in the morning my face looks young, I feel confident!”

*Results may vary

And Kathleen, age 60, who’s also has incredible results:

“My evening skin care routine is easier and faster. The product seems to have reduced the fine lines and tightened my skin. This product has reduced the appearance of age spots. It truly has made a difference with wrinkles also.”

*Results may vary

Nancy, age 67, is more comfortable going makeup-free now:

“My skin was starting to look dull, tired, wrinkled, and splotchy. Now my skin looks more even-toned, smoother, it's not dull anymore. Don't have to wear as much foundation.”

*Results may vary

And there are so many others… take a look:

As I've aged I've seen my face get more age spots, wrinkles, and less supple. It has made me feel old when I look at myself every morning. This product has made me enjoy looking at myself in the morning and I feel there is less to cover up with makeup. My favorite thing is rinsing my face and the morning and looking at my face in the mirror... my skin looks so healthy! It has helped me look AND feel younger. I was really skeptical at the beginning of this study... but now I'm a true believer! - Pam M. age 75

*Results may vary

I've actually had someone tell me that my skin was glowing! - Shelia H. age 55

*Results may vary

My skin has felt fragile… I have small lines and 'smokers lines' around my mouth that make me feel very old... this masque has made my skin feel younger, more supple and consequently I feel younger and more supple :-) Lines around my mouth are less defined. I finally feel better about my face looking in the mirror. - Sandra B. age 70

*Results may vary

There’s no denying it: Microbiome Night Mask helps you feel youthful, beautiful, and confident. And there’s no better feeling.

So, take a look at some of these common questions, and make the decision for yourself.

Does Microbiome Night Mask only protect against future skin aging, or does it help erase existing signs of aging as well?

Definitely! In fact, sensitive skin is often the result of an imbalanced skin microbiome, so Microbiome Night Mask would help. Plus, because our formula is intended to be left on overnight, it’s extra gentle. But we know everyone’s skin is different, which is why we offer our iron-clad 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Is Microbiome Night Mask suitable for sensitive skin?

Definitely! In fact, sensitive skin is often the result of an imbalanced skin microbiome, so using Microbiome Night Mask would be beneficial. Plus, because our formula is intended to be left on overnight, it’s extra gentle and calming. But we know everyone’s skin is different, which is why we recommend doing a patch test on a small part of your skin to see how it reacts.

How often should I use Microbiome Night Mask?

For best results, use Microbiome Night Mask 2-3 times per week. However, some people enjoy using Microbiome Night Mask nightly in place of their existing nighttime skincare routine. Because our formula is so balancing, it’s impossible to use too much, even on the most sensitive skin.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Most users report seeing noticeable results — smoother, softer, more radiant-looking skin — the very first morning. But the most dramatic skin transformations — a decrease in wrinkles & fine lines, an improvement in skin firmness, and a reduction of rough patches — usually occur after a few weeks of continuous use. That’s why most of our customers find our heavily-discounted multi-jar options to be the best fit both economically and in terms of seeing continued improvement in their skin.

What if Microbiome Night Mask doesn’t work for me or if I don’t like it?

Everyone’s skin is different, which is why we offer our iron-clad 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. This way, you have two full months to try Microbiome Night Mask in the comfort of your home to see how it works for you. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your results, simply call our customer service team at 1-800-347-1558 or email them at [email protected] to request a refund — no hard feelings, no questions asked!

Can I still use my existing skincare products along with Microbiome Night Mask?

Based on customer feedback, we wanted to design a nighttime skincare product that would simplify your routine. That’s why Microbiome Night Mask can be used entirely on its own. Simply cleanse and tone your skin as usual, followed by a thin layer of the Microbiome Night Mask. Because this deeply-hydrating & nourishing formula smooths, firms, and rejuvenates the skin while you sleep, there’s no need for additional nighttime products.

How is Microbiome Night Mask different from other masks?

Microbiome Night Mask is a ‘sleeping mask’ — meaning it’s meant to be left on overnight to work alongside your skin’s nighttime repair process, then washed off in the morning. Think of it like an 8-hour facial rather than a traditional, 20-minute mask. Its unique formula is light enough to deeply penetrate your skin, delivering skin-renewing ingredients where they’re needed most. At the same time, it’s rich enough to form a protective ‘seal’ on your skin to lock in moisture and balance the skin’s outermost microbiome layer.


Does Microbiome Night Mask need to be refrigerated?

Microbiome Night Mask is shelf-stable at room temperature and does not need to be refrigerated. For optimal freshness, keep it out of direct sunlight or extreme humidity. To maintain the formula’s integrity, we recommend using the included spatula to apply Microbiome Night Mask.

Can I use probiotic-rich foods in a DIY face mask for the same results as Microbiome Night Mask?

While fermented foods like yogurt and kefir can provide some temporary skin benefits — mainly thanks to their light exfoliating properties — the bacterial strains in these foods aren’t powerful enough to provide long-term benefits. Plus, Microbiome Night Mask is made with more than just probiotic-inspired ingredients. It has professional-grade, lab-tested ingredients like Probiotic Concentrate and Orobanche Rapum Extract, among others, that support and enhance the overall formula. In terms of results, there’s no comparison — Microbiome Night Mask has shown to reduce the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and rejuvenate the skin unlike anything else.

Will oral probiotic supplements give me the same benefits as Microbiome Night Mask?

Probiotic supplements have been proven to be extremely beneficial to your overall health, but even the best supplements are no match for the skin-renewing benefits Microbiome Night Mask provides. Unlike oral probiotic supplements, which prioritize gut health, our topical formula directly addresses skin issues at the source. Additionally, our complete formula is full of hydrating, nourishing, and rejuvenating ingredients not found in probiotic supplements. With Microbiome Night Mask, you can start seeing results after just one use — unlike the lengthy “adjustment” period common with oral probiotics.

Why is today’s discounted price only available for the first 2,500 customers?

Microbiome Night Mask contains a key ingredient that can only be harvested during a short season, which makes year-round production nearly impossible. Because of this, we simply don’t have enough inventory to meet growing demand. That’s why we’re only able to give the first 2,500 customers this special discount of $45/jar on single jars and as low as $29/jar on select multi-jar options. Please place your order ASAP before prices return to $65/jar.



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