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“What's Your Fancy?: Million Dollar Listing's Kirsten Jordan on Her New York City Essentials”

“The real-estate rockstar turns heads with bold pieces and can't live without an Instagram-worthy lip product.”


“This Powerful Serum Can Help Firm Sagging Skin in Just 30 Minutes…”

“Skincare products tend to take time and discipline for Us to see any type of significant results, and it’s only natural to get impatient while waiting for the glow-up!”


“5 Top Tips to Get Rid of Crepey Skin Under Your Eyes”

“People often refer to the eyes as the windows of the soul - a belief that may be rooted in how humans are visually dominant creatures. Half of your brain is actually…”


“Dream of Fuller Lips? Learn How to Get Plump Lips Naturally Here”

“A good number of women will agree that a vibrant and glossy pout completes most fashionable makeup looks. This is why every modern lady's arsenal usually includes”


“This Nourishing Face Lifting Cream Can Combat Skin Aging for Under $100”

“Skin aging is inevitable and makes us feel insecure. But not to fear, there’s still a way to solve it without undergoing surgery.”


1 Million+ Followers on Instagram, My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Reality TV star Whitney Way Thore reviews her favorite City Lips® shades: Clear, Pink Nude, Watermelon, and Sun Diego.


“How Multi-Use Skin Care Products Can Drastically Simplify Your Routine Without Sacrificing Results”

“If you’re in a need of a serious lift of the skin, this has you covered. But it doesn’t stop there...”


Here are the 15 fastest-growing DTC and mainstream beauty brands, according to growth in digital traffic”

“With e-commerce businesses soaring during the pandemic, some online brands are witnessing web traffic catapult to new levels.”

news outlet

“Christmas Gifts For Mom 2018: 10 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Woman”

“Every woman loves to pamper her skin, and this cream from City Beauty® will help her do just that. The moisturizer is designed to…”


8 Million+ Subscribers on Youtube and 2.2 Million+ Followers On Instagram

Popular beauty influencer Tati Westbrook raved about City Beauty®’s Lid Lifting Treatment and Beyond Mascara in…

lifestyle site

“Top 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Shower Experience”

“You know those people who spend 45 minutes in the shower? We all know at least one person like this. Maybe it is a sibling…”


“Michelle Visage: In The Bag | Episode 18 | British Vogue”

“…the extensive contents of Michelle Visage’s handbag mean she’s prepared for anything. Watch as the star takes British Vogue through her everyday essentials…”

media site

“All the Best Beauty Products You Missed In September”

“This isn’t your ordinary sheet mask. It’s a highly-active bio-cellulose mask that delivers a potent serum into the skin…”


412k+ Followers on Instagram, Cardi B’s makeup artist

Erika La Pearl, Cardi B’s makeup artist, used Blue Defense HydroGel to prep Cardi’s skin before applying makeup.

lifestyle site

“26 September Beauty Launches Just in Time for Fall”

“Ready to restore younger-looking skin? This easy-to-use hydrogel sheet mask will deliver the plumping, pore-minimizing results…”

media site

“4 Under-The-Radar Beauty Brands Celebrities Always Wear”

“This cruelty-free company hasn’t blown up just yet — but you can bet it will soon… Naturally it didn’t take all that long until we were hooked, too.”

lifestyle site

“Lip color so shiny, you don’t need an Instagram filter ”

City Lips® was featured on “Lip color so shiny, you don’t need an Instagram filter”


100k+ Followers on Instagram, TV Personality

Kym discusses the little ways people can be kinder and feel more confident, outlining how to take time for yourself with City lips®.


“Get Younger-Looking Lips”

“The original winner is still champion: City Lips® Original Formula Lips Plumping Treatment, an oldie but goodie.”


“CBS Coffee with America with Sasha Rionda”

“Summer-ready lipgloss that will stay on throughout eatings, swimming, or whatever activity you have planned all while…”

lifestyle site

“The Dangers Of Botox And Natural Wrinkle-Fighting Solutions, According To Experts”

City Beauty®’s Director of Product, Jess Ann, speaks to “Suggest” about the circulatory benefits of face massage.

lifestyle site

“City Beauty® is cruelty-free”

“City Beauty® has confirmed that is it truly cruelty-free. They don't test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or third-parties.”



Kim, the blogger behind “Shop With Me Mama,” shares how she uses Ultra-Firming Dry Oil during her cupping routine to…


3.3 Million+ Followers on Instagram, TV Host, Actress

Watch former Miss Dubai, Megan Pormer, try City Lips® in the shade Nude York. / Former Miss Dubai, Megan Pormer, reviews City Lips® in the shade Nude York.


1.2 Million + Followers on Instagram

Jen, of @thesisterstudioig, loves City Lips®! See her try it here. In late August 2021, Jen, of @thesisterstudioig, posted about City Lips® on Instagram stories and LikeToKnowIt.


231k+ Followers on Instagram

Lifestyle blogger Deddeh Howard reviews City Beauty® favorites on Instagram and her blog “Secret of DD.”


50k+ Followers on Instagram

Watch as beauty enthusiast Serein Wu reviews Beyond Mascara and City Lips® on Instagram.


1.75+ Million Subscribers on YouTube

Watch as Youtuber Parmita discusses the benefits of facial massage and mentions her City Beauty® favorites.


116k+ followers on Instagram + Oprah Daily Ambassador

Content creator Sheree Frede reviews her City Beauty® favorites on Great Day Houston.


“New Year, New You, New Skincare on KHOU*11”

“The first City Beauty® product that I discovered, and loved, was the lip plumper. [So now] you don’t really have to go get filler if you don’t want to”


“Beauty Then & Now with Expert Kym Douglas on the Hallmark Channel”

“[Multi-Action Sculpting Cream] helps the skin look firmer, tighter, and lifted, and it nourishes with essential building blocks… it’s a great sculpting cream.”


“This Cult Fave Lip Plumper Is 30% Off Right Now”

“E! readers, we want you to live your best life while saving big! Today, we have an exclusive deal just for you that you won't want to miss.”


1.76M + Subscribers on YouTube

Click here to watch City Beauty® products featured in the video, “I Tried Skincare Makeup Hybrids... this is what happened”


497k+ Subscribers on Youtube & 438k Followers on Instagram

“Click here to watch City Lips® featured in two of Painted By Spencer’s makeup tutorials.”

former bachelor contestant
& Instagram Influencer

274k Followers on Instagram

Click here to check out Heather’s exclusive City Lips® reviews!

youtuber &
Instagram Influencer

181k Subscribers on Youtube + 11.9k+ Followers on Instagram

Click here to check out Sheri’s exclusive City Lips® reviews!


“Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her”

“City Beauty® Multi-Action Sculpting Cream. Good for all skin types, paraben. mineral oil, phthalates and sulfates free. Helps with loose and sagging skin, and fine lines and wrinkles.”


“Shop National Lash Day Deals from Fenty Beauty, Ulta & More”

“Nothing transforms the face quite like some amazing lashes courtesy of mascara, lash serum or falsies. National Lash Day (today) is the perfect occasion to stock up these…”


“Q&A: Wellness is Booming at Beauty Collection”

“Beauty Collection has long been a destination for high-end, hard-to-find beauty goods. With locations in West Hollywood, Malibu and Marina Del Rey, the family…”


“Converting Online Shoppers Into Physical Shoppers”

“City Beauty® has a unique way of gaining consumer loyalty. The cult-beauty brand has research-driven products with both immediate and long term results…”


“Beauty & Health Holiday Gift Ideas 2020”

“City Beauty® Lips & Lash Trio Set- beauty from within & out Lips & lash treatment formulas.”


“14 Seattle beauty, skin, spa gift ideas for the holidays”

“The holidays are in full swing in Seattle and Christmas trees are flying off the farms like toilet paper on the shelves of Costco - things are getting real, folks.”


“Ease that summer to fall transition with these nourishing picks from Sicka Than Average”

“More time around the house means many of us are taking time for self-care. But with winter around the corner, our skin routine needs a seasonal update!”

lifestyle site

“Skin Essentials You Should Try This National Wellness Month”

“In light of National Wellness Month, we must take the proper steps to nourish our skin. Fortunately… City Beauty® provides high-quality luxury skincare products that deliver actual results for all skin concerns.”



“Do you have a teen that loves fashion and make-up? City Lips® is a plumping lip gloss that gives you both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips.”


“​Essentials for a FUN Summer!”

“City Beauty® has just launched a unique product called the Blue Defense HydroGel, it not only hydrates skin but it protects it from damaging blue light while improving the look of dark spots, wrinkles and dullness!”


“​What Recovery Looks Like”

“COVID-19 arrived and has not yet left. As a society, we initially dealt with the shock, learned to adapt to the “new normal” and we continue to power through.”


“Summer Skincare Favorites”

“These newly launched skin essentials with ultra-clean formulas will keep your skin looking youthful and glowing all throughout summer…”

media site

“Father’s Day Gift Guide Ideas 2020”

“…View newly launched Fashion, Fragrance & Skincare products with excellent reviews to make great gifts for Dad at every age”

media site

“A Blue Light Skin Protector That Everyone Should Own”

“While technology has allowed us to feel connected during isolation, it has also meant we have been exposed to an extreme amount of blue light exposure…”

lifestyle site

“June Editors’ Picks 2020”

“One of our favorite things every month is going through all of the interesting beauty and wellness pitches we receive…”


“Here’s a Healthy Way to Achieve Fuller Lips in Isolation”

“Although our country is slowly opening back up, we are still a long way from the finish line. Most of us are still unable to…”

media site

“Not Sure What to Stream Tonight? Let Your Face Mask Choose”

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched an entire season… in addition to three classic movies and a rom-com or two — all in the span of a week…”

lifestyle site

“The Ultimate Guide to Face Moisturizers For Every Skin Type”

“City Beauty® Blue Defense HydroGel, $65 Best for: Dehydrated skin (and blue light protection!)…”


“ABC - Good Day PA! with Grace Gold”

“Beauty and wellness expert Grace Gold wants to help you transform your body and skin for the new year…”


“123 serious deals & discount codes for Black Friday & Cyber Monday”

“This Los Angeles-based luxury beauty brand focuses on products that beautify but that are also beneficial…”


“Ultimate List for the Top Summer Stalpes

“Our favortite season is here and it’s time for some much-needed fun in the sun! Just as fashion changes for warmer weather, it…”

media site

“YourTango: “30 Best Night Creams To Reduce Aging”

“This moisturizer is designed to visibly restore skin's elasticity by lifting, tightening, and firming the look of sagging skin…”


“ABC Good Day PA! With Grace Gold”

“A concentrated serum that visibly fades dark spots for a brighter more radiant complexion. You can use this on your face, neck, on the…”


“NBC Daytime Columbus Spring Revival with Grace Gold”

“I really love City Lips®... It's an award winning lipgloss with instant and long-term results!”


“Spring Clean Yourself With Grace Gold on Let’s Talk Live”

“Dark spots, we hate them cause they make us look old... Something you can use is this fantastic serum… called City Beauty® Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector…”

lifestyle site

“8 Long-Lasting Lipsticks That Will Survive Thanksgiving Dinner”

“Available in ten intensely-pigmented colors, this non-bleeding formula provides your lip with high-impact color that really brings…”

media site

“20 Best Lip Plumpers For Incredibly Pouty, Kissable Lips”

“City Lips® best-selling Plumping Glosses plump lips with ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to deliver deep hydration and fast…”


“City Lips® won an HOLA! USA “Best In Beauty 2018” Award”

City Lips® won “Best in Beauty 2018” award in the Lips category

lifestyle site

“The Spa Insider’s September Picks”

“Brighten eyes and blur the appearance of dark circles with this hydrating cream that also addresses dry skin under the eyes…”

media site

“21 Best Sheet Masks For Happy, Healthy Skin”

“This highly active bio-cellulose sheet mask delivers an incredibly potent, succulent-derived anti-aging serum deep into the skin.”

media site

“Oil-Infused Moisturizing Lip Glosses”

“The highlighting element of the lip glosses is its moisturizing formulations, with an infusion of Jojoba Oil as well as Ylang…”


“Elisabeth Moss Seen Recently Wearing City Beauty® City Lips® in Red Velvet Opaque Plumping lip Gloss”

“City Lips® glosses deposit long-lasting color, incredible shine and plumping properties for a gorgeous summer pout!”


“Elizabeth Moss rocks black motorcycle jacket over red gown for The Handmaid’s Tale season premiere”

“Makeup artist Kayleen McAdams used City Lips® lipgloss in Red Velvet to create Elisabeth Moss’s bold red lip.”

media site

“20 Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles To Brighten Them Right Up”

“City Beauty®’s Under Eye Recovery is a brightening eye cream perfect for blurring the appearance of dark circles under…”

Instagram Influencer

154k+ Followers on Instagram

See Angela’s favorite City Lips® shade here!

Instagram Influencer

51.3k+ Instagram Followers

See Tiffany’s review of City Lips® here!

Instagram Influencer

21.6k+ Instagram Followers

See her wearing City Lips® here!


“GRWM New Makeup | Thrive Causemetics KKW and more!”

“Today I'm playing with new makeup and giving you reviews on Thrive Causemetics, KKW and more…”

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